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Laser Hair Removal**

AreaSingle TreatmentPackage Four Treatments
Upper Lip / Between Eyebrows / Sideburns / Nose / Ears$90(single treatment)$324(package four treatments)
Chin$100(single treatment)$360(package four treatments)
Upper Lip and Chin $150(single treatment)$540(package four treatments)
Full Face (including neck) $275(single treatment)$990(package four treatments)
Full Face (no neck)$200(single treatment)$720(package four treatments)
Neck (front or back)$150(single treatment)$540(package four treatments)
Bikini$200(single treatment)$720(package four treatments)
Extended Bikini$300(single treatment)$1080(package four treatments)
Brazilian Bikini $300(single treatment)$1080(package four treatments)
Extended Brazilian$375(single treatment)$1350(package four treatments)
Buttocks and Perianal$250(single treatment)$900(package four treatments)
Male Genitalia$200(single treatment)$720(package four treatments)
“Boyzilian”$325(single treatment)$1170(package four treatments)
Perianal only$150(single treatment)$540(package four treatments)
“Happy Trail”$100(single treatment)$360(package four treatments)
Chest$300(single treatment)$1080(package four treatments)
Abdomen$300(single treatment)$1080(package four treatments)
Chest and Abdomen$500(single treatment)$1800(package four treatments)
Areola$100(single treatment)$360(package four treatments)
Back$400(single treatment)$1440(package four treatments)
Partial (1/2) Back$250(single treatment)$900(package four treatments)
Shoulders$300(single treatment)$1080(package four treatments)
Full Back and Shoulders$600(single treatment)$2160(package four treatments)
Partial Back and Shoulders$450(single treatment)$1620(package four treatments)
Forearms$275(single treatment)$990(package four treatments)
Upper Arms$275(single treatment)$990(package four treatments)
Full Arms$500(single treatment)$1800(package four treatments)
Underarms$150(single treatment)$540(package four treatments)
Hands and Fingers$150(single treatment)$540(package four treatments)
Lower Legs$350(single treatment)$1260(package four treatments)
Upper Legs$400(single treatment)$1440(package four treatments)
Full Legs$650(single treatment)$2340(package four treatments)
Feet and Toes$150(single treatment)$540(package four treatments)
Shaving Fee$20
Numbing Cream - Small$10
Numbing Cream - Large$40

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Single Treatment$300
Series of Four Treatments$1000
Chest or Upper Back$200
Face & Chest$500

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox Pricing$14/unit

Other Skin Treatments

Juvederm© Ultra$500
Juvederm© Ultra Plus$550
SkinMedica© Brightening Treatment$95
Vitalize Peel©$600/series of 3$1000/series of 6
Rejuvenize Peel™$600/series of 3$1000/series of 6
Advanced Corrective Peel$600/series of 3$1000/series of 6

** You will be charged a $20 shaving fee if we have to prep the area (please cleanly shave treatment area on the day of your appointment).
*** Prices are subject to change without notice.